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Building a Designer Jewellery Brand in the City of Diamonds | Meet Ritu Seth

Building a Designer Jewellery Brand in the City of Diamonds | Meet Ritu Seth

Ritu Seth

 In the city of diamonds, where jewellery is always found in abundance, it is difficult to find the ones that stand out. But Ritu Seth has flamboyantly managed to create a niche following for her handcrafted jewellery pieces. Acknowledged by national level awards and accolades, Ritu’s designs of handcrafted jewellery have proved to possess a life of their own. From honing the simple love of drawing to creating a designer jewellery brand, Ritu has come a long way. Here is the story of her sparkling journey and the making of her mesmerizing brand ‘Belisma’.

The Beginning:

Ritu is a jewellery designer by profession but has always been an artist at heart. As a schoolgirl, she would wake up, at 4 ‘o’clock, way before school, just to do drawing and paint. Her passion to see simple lines and forms transforming themselves into a beautiful piece, kept her going on. Even with two kids to raise, she felt the need to kindle her passion. So although she did not belong to the industry, she pursued Jewellery Designing as her subject, just to keep her urge to create, alive in her. The designs she made, while studying in Indian Diamond Institute, garnered a lot of praises from the faculty as well as the fraternity through their site. 

Becoming a Gem:

The one who have been a constant support for Ritu, is her mother. In the early days, whenever Ritu hesitated to take up or execute a design, her mother would tell her to consider each of the pieces already sold to her. She would encourage Ritu to make them without worrying about their reception or profitability. She had full faith in her daughter’s work and she made sure she used her potential to craft the exquisite pieces. Ritu’s first order was from her grandma, who wanted her to make a customized jewellery piece for her. It was an instant hit; everyone in her circle loved the intricacy of the handcrafted, detailed design. With various certificates and degrees like Manual Jewellery Design Certificate, Diploma in Diamond Valuation, and Certificate in International Techniques for Diamond Grading, and many more, she kept adding feathers to her crown. After three years of devoted designing, she did her first exhibition in Mumbai, with a limited number of items on the shelf and it got sold on the first day. Her initial designs were targeted more for the award categories, but seeing the reception they got, she realized the potential her designs held. Successful exhibitions, professional recognition, and rave reviews motivated Ritu to start ‘Belisma’, her flagship jewellery boutique, that holds the vision to deliver the stylish and unmistakable jewellery that unites sophisticated glamour with delicate femininity.

Deriving the Inspirations:

Ritu’s vision and the concepts behind her jewellery is the sole reason for her success. She seeks her inspirations from sculptures, buildings, poetry, prose, and everything soulful between the Sun and the Moon. It’s her undying passion to translate such inspirations into intricate pieces of jewellery that result in designs that tell its own tale. To satiate her zeal for the creation of jewellery, she keeps herself involved in the whole process, right from the inception of ideas to the exquisite artistry. Her uniquely rich taste, lets her envision a range of timeless pieces that possess a soul of its own, and it is quite clearly reflected in the collections, at her boutique space. Her constant urge to assimilate and be updated with every aspect of fashion and trends helps her deliver best at her work. You will have to browse through her meticulously created and assembled collections to understand her body of work and feel how soulful jewelry can adorn the elegance of a woman. A decade of experience and constant arduous efforts has helped Ritu, to mold designs and perspectives in order to create something extravagance. To seek the best inspirations possible and stay updated with the international trends, she keeps attending various renowned events like Basil Show and travels all around the world.

Expertise in Bespoke:

One can credit the niche following of Belisma’s designs to the poetic beauty that they possess. Ritu harnesses her unique and inimitable style in designing each piece of jewellery and delivers signature pieces. Her brand tries to create each jewellery piece as an exclusive product for the client, that is tailored according to their needs and preference with bespoke service. Whatever be the requirement, Ritu always creates the perfect, handcrafted piece to resemble the one that clients have dreamt of. And she makes sure that they are proud to possess even the tiniest piece made by ‘Belisma’. Being a Jewellery Designer, she believes that her biggest reward is achieved in seeing her client’s satisfaction and pleasure that they derive from owning her jewellery.


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