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Get your adrenaline rushing with Vijay Singh Ajairajpura’s Rajputana Customs

Get your adrenaline rushing with Vijay Singh Ajairajpura’s Rajputana Customs

Rajputana Customs

Riding a motorcycle is a passion that not many truly understand. Bringing into light much more than what a motorcycle is perceived as, this new brand is changing the old ways. From killer customisations to building motorcycles from scratch, Vijay Singh Ajairajpura’s Rajputana Customs is the real deal for all the motorcycles lovers.

Based out of Jaipur, Vijay Singh’s venture is helping fuel every motorcyclist’s wishes. Read on to know more about his revving journey. 

Taking the baby steps

Having ridden his first motorcycle, a 50 cc BSA Falcon at the age of seven, Vijay’s love for them was here to stay. Owing to the fact that his father had put together his first bike, it became special for him. With love for motorcycles running in the family, it wasn’t difficult for him to join in the bandwagon. 

It all started at the age of 23 when Vijay returned to Jaipur with a degree in Mass Communications. He realised he had a few months to spare before he started his new job as a journalist but, he didn’t know what other plans the universe had for him. To keep himself occupied, he started building a bike. He called for an engine from Royal Enfield and made his first bike right from scratch and named it ‘Original Gangster’. With some help from his cousin, he took the bike to Delhi expo and various other exhibitions. With appreciation pouring in from everywhere, he knew he had finally found his calling. 

Vijay’s love for motorcycles is not only limited to building them, but his interest also lies in bike racing. Owing to that, he became three times national champion in the 600 cc category. He has also built two bike racing tracks for people who hold the same interest as his. The first is a tarmac track in Mt Abu and, the other one is a flat dirt track in Alwar, named John Singh Speedway. 

Revving through hearts and desires

Now that Vijay knew where his heart lay, he decided to start with Rajputana Customs. He noticed that there were not many who catered to the desires of the motorcycle fanatics. Keeping that in mind, he entered the motorcycle customisation industry nine and a half years ago. 

From ideation through execution, Rajputana Customs does it all. Their focus is not just on bike customisations but also on building them from square one. They aide their customisation projects by integrating local handicrafts, metal workers, leather workers, engineers, etc. This is what makes their work stand out from the rest. Their expertise has beckoned customisation projects from various leading motorcycles manufacturers as well. In the year 2016, two of his customised works with Harley Davidson and Triumph were a part of ‘Top 5 custom motorcycles of the world’. 

Known for giving quirky names to his creations, Vijay stays true to his roots and has named them- Laado, Aghori, Rajmata, Jordan, Gulail, Bitoo and so on. These names let him foster a special connection with his work. He always says,” We don’t do it for the money or the Instagram likes. We do it because we love what we do.” 

Aligning the future plans and challenges

Vijay wants to encourage youngsters to take part in bike racing. He says it is a sport that people don’t give enough attention to. The lack of information amongst people poses a serious challenge. There are only a few people who really understand it and appreciate it. He believes, that with time people will be more informed about biking and everything more there is to it. Moving ahead with one belief, that anything good that you believe in is achievable, Vijay aims to take on more challenging projects and take Rajputana Customs international. 

If you are a one of those whose heart gets pumping and blood starts flowing when you hear the engine start then Rajputana Customs is where you should be headed to. You can visit their page on Instagram and see some of the coolest customisations and their journey.

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