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Voicing Out His Soul: Harshit Singh Baid’s musical journey

Voicing Out His Soul: Harshit Singh Baid’s musical journey

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A journey that is musical, one which has many symphonies yet to come. For the times music fills your life with mirth and love, a voice of the nation rises up. Harshit Singh Baid, Surat’s very own star is going places with his talent. A contestant of India’s top musical reality show- The Voice, he has taken it upon himself to represent the city, the state and its culture on national television.

An emerging gem of the city, he is giving all the Surtis a reason to be proud of. A student of Hindustani Classical Music, Harshit wants to push the musical envelope further to give the audience a more diverse and soul connecting performance. He is also the lead singer of the band Paranoid Fusion which you will further read about in his story. His story is just like his voice, simply music to the ears.

Taking you back to the start

An alumnus of Shri. C Shah Sarvajanik English High school, Surat and a BBA from SD Jain College, Harshit has held his love for music all along. His sound check moments started right from the school assemblies in 5th standard, where his music teacher recognized his talent. He trained under him for a few years and he knew that he had found his calling. Back in 2007, he also bagged a position in the top 10 in the interschool competition held by Zee Tv Sa Re Ga Ma Pa li’l champs for the wild card entry. Acknowledging his knack for the art, he started singing professionally in orchestras.

His strong musical sense and talent were backed by music as a hobby in his family. A family of diamond traders economically, all of them had a penchant for music. In fact, he started playing the harmonium after taking inspiration from his father. He added more feathers in his hat when he finished Visharad, the formal seven training in music. It is safe to say that he started young.

‘The Voice’ moments!

Taking you behind the scenes into his journey of the reality show, here is how it all unfolded. Harshit was all scared and jittery on the backstage during his audition, but as soon as he got on the stage, he had his game face on. It was now or never for him as he was going to perform in front of his one and only idol. His performance had gotten him praises from the star AR Rahman himself and a position in the ace Armaan Malik’s team. He was on cloud nine as he was mobbed by the cameras as soon as he got out.

He describes his experience with the reality show as surreal. For him, it was just not his dreams that he was working towards but also shouldering the responsibility of his city and his state. His magical voice and confident personality did it for him, he moved forward in the show, winning hearts and support of many. Getting an opportunity on such a huge platform, he really wants to make Surat shine in the field of music too. He wants the city to be known much more than just for diamonds, textile and food. He wants to give people in Surat a chance to explore music in its truest sense and make it easier for people in the city to pursue it and make a career out of it.

Jamming with the band

After his musical training, he came together a few of his friends who graduated from SCOPA and formed the band- Paranoid Fusion Band in 2014. Coming together with the band as the lead singer, he knew that performing live was what he wanted to do. All of the members are inspired by western music, specially the guitarists and the vocalists are classically trained, so they jam together to bring out the best of both western and Hindustani classical music to come up with new music. This gave him a feeling of freedom to create whatever he wanted.

With his band, he also wants to fuel the band culture in Surat that will give way to new genres like Rock, for people to experience.

He has already won the support of many around the nation and now it’s time to extend our support to the rising star amidst us. Watch his rocking performance on The Voice, here. and help Harshit outshine Surat in music.

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