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Meet the Faces behind Russells Jewels | Shailja Nandwani & Rashmi Arora

Meet the Faces behind Russells Jewels | Shailja Nandwani & Rashmi Arora


Lucky are those who make friends in business but the luckiest are those who get a chance for building a business with friends. The story of Shailja Nandwani and Rashmi Arora falls under the small pool of the latter. A decade ago when they met each other for the first time at Indian Diamond Institute Surat, they didn’t envision right then that they will soon befriend and co-found Russells Jewels, a designer jewellery brand of their own. 

One fine day in 2008, they decided to design a few exclusive jewellery pieces, got it manufactured and showcased them at the Expressions Art Gallery. This was the first time they exhibited as a designer jewellery brand and since then there has been no turning back. They named their brand as Russells, indicating towards the phonetic names of both its founders. Although, they faced their share of ups and downs, they managed to come up triumphantly as a brand that can be relied upon for its intricate work.

Their elaborate designer pieces are inspired by the beauty of nature. They create premium designer jewellery collections that are detailed and finished with ornate craftsmanship. Thus, their exquisite assortment of jewels speaks for itself. To get glimpse of their latest work you can visit their facebook & instagram page. 


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