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Ranghotra – A 24 Hour Theatre Marathon

Ranghotra – A 24 Hour Theatre Marathon

Ranghotra - A 24 Hour Theatre Marathon

On this World Theatre Day, our city is going to witness a day of pride and celebration in the most dramatic way possible. Surat Performing Artists Association (SPAA) will host Ranghotra, a 24 Hour Theatre Marathon at Performing Arts Center, at L. P. Savani Road, Pal, Surat, in association with Surat Municipal Corporation and Gujarat Rajya Sangeet Natak Academy. The curtains of this unique event will go up on 27th March 2018 at 00:00 hrs and will come down at 24:00 hrs.

More than 280 theatre artists will showcase their art and talent on stage in approximately 80 performances ranging in six major languages – Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, English and Gujarati, and in 4 different dialects. The whole event is curated by 65+ directors and is based on the scripts of 54 writers of diverse backgrounds. From Single-act plays, Monologues, Mimes, Radio plays and Bhavai, to Sanskrit & Greek adaptations of contemporary plays, excerpts from full-length plays, Parsi play, Nritya Natika, Poetry plays and Street plays, Ranghotra will feature power-packed performances, one after another.

The event will be star-studded with guests:

  • Shri. Paresh Rawal: Renowned theatre and film Actor, Director & Member of Parliament
  • Shri. Umesh Shukla: Director of upcoming film 102 Not Out
  • Shri. Ishwar Singh Patel:  Minister of Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities – Gujarat State.
  • Shri. C.R. Patil:  Member of Parliament – Government of India (Surat)
  • Smt. Darshna Jardosh: Member of Parliament – Government of India (Surat)
  • Smt. Asmitaben Shiroya – Mayor of Surat
  • All the respected MLAs of Surat will be the special guests at the opening function.

Despite putting months of hard work in the preparation and diligent rehearsals, to bring Ranghotra alive, not a single artist, be it onstage or offstage, is charging any remuneration for their work. In fact, the event is open for all on the first-come-first-serve basis and is being executed with the sole purpose of celebrating the day as a tribute to Natya Maharshi Shree C.C. Mehta, the pioneer of modern Gujarati theatre. As a visionary maverick and a Surati, Mehta’s vision and efforts led the UNESCO to declare 27th of March as World Theatre Day. SPAA’s endeavours to deliver Ranghotra is an ode to this legendary playwright and producer, under the Presidentship of Kapildev Shukla.

Apart from being a cultural celebration of arts and theatre, Ranghotra will also make an attempt to earn a place in Guinness Book of World Records for performing plays for 24 hours non-stop. This memorable event will not only unite the performing art lovers under one roof but will also mark as an eye-opener for many to witness the rich cultural heritage that Surat fosters.

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