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How a Fourteen-Year-Old Founded the Best Dance Academy of Surat | Sam Jovel

How a Fourteen-Year-Old Founded the Best Dance Academy of Surat | Sam Jovel

In the city where “dancing” was solely defined by the nine nights of graceful whirls, Sam Jovel introduced a whole, new world of artistic dance forms. He was a fourteen-year-old schoolboy when he started his dance academy and till date, he has trained more than 24,000 students, under his belt. From being a dance director and singer to a passionate photographer and movie maker, Sam is an artistic adventurer, who opted to become a full time choreographer. In the years that followed he worked his way in the industry and marked his presence in the fraternity. Here’s the story of the self-taught dance director, who earned a chance to work with Shiamak Davar and also shared the stage with renowned celebrity choreographers like Bosco and Caesar:

The Beginning:

Growing up in a household occupied by performing artists, where every corner bustled with the beats of music, Sam Jovel knew he will find his own symphony in the dance beats. His childhood was filled with the buzz of rhyme and rhythm in air, steps matching with steps, people practicing and dancing their hearts out, in unison, or alone , in happiness, or sadness and on every tiny occasion. Sam is the youngest of the seven Jovel siblings, who are all equally submerged in honing various performing art forms. However, even deeper etched in his memory, are his mother’s Bharat Natyam teaching sessions, that he grew up watching. Sam knew from a very young age that dance is what he wants to do. So when he chanced upon visiting his sister’s home in Surat, he held a simple workshop to spend the summer. And what he initiated to enjoy his own time, led to him a huge crowd of enthusiasts who really wanted to learn dance. Thus, in 1998, when he was barely a teen, he founded his own dance studio, Talentz Music & Dance Academy, in Surat itself. In the last 19 years, TMDA has deservedly earned its name, for the sheer love of keeping up with the beats, something that Sam as the dance director, imbibes in all his students.

Moonwalk to Fame:

In the early 2000s, on the beckoning of friends and family, Sam took part in a national level dancing contest and eventually won. That’s when he got a chance to do a music video with the famous dancing duo, Bosco and Caesar. In a short span of time, Sam released his first music album with the modern bard, A. R. Rahman. He testified the famous quote that says “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Although artistry was inherited for him, the brand that he created out of himself is purely the result of utmost passion, determination, and his love for the art.

Dancing to the Tune:

Sam believes that when we dance, we enjoy the luxury of being ourselves. Dancing has an innate pattern that rhymes with our pulse and sets us free. He especially enjoys teaching dance to specially-abled kids. Despite the fact that the process is more complex than directing regular students, he says that the feeling of inner peace and fulfillment that he gets from watching these kids dance to rhythm is not comparable to anything. Everybody is a dancer, one just needs to tune in and find their own rhythm. Even today, back at home, when the entire Jovel family meets, they burst into singing and dancing at the tiniest of occasions; they never miss a chance to dance.


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