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The Duo who Redefined the Foundation of Construction Industry | Meet Puneet Mittal and Sourabh Bansal

The Duo who Redefined the Foundation of Construction Industry | Meet Puneet Mittal and Sourabh Bansal

Puneet and Sourabh

Each day is filled with thousands of opportunities to change the story of our lives and the adroit journey of Puneet Mittal and Sourabh Bansal, stands as a testimony to this. From being keen on exploring an indifferent field of work rather than joining their family businesses, to becoming the largest manufacturers of AAC blocks in the country, they have come a long way. Follow the anecdote of the two friends who co-founded Magicrete Building Solutions and curated a phenomenal ruffle in the construction industry as ideal business partners who believed in each other and their distinctive vision.

The Beginning:

Hailing from accomplished business families, it takes a lot of courage to take a different turn in life. When Sourabh Bansal, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, along with Puneet Mittal, a qualified CA, met each other with the aspiration to start something of their own, they never knew they were a brand in making. Their revolutionary idea led them to become a frontline manufacturer of AAC blocks and a pioneer in green building materials in India. From setting up a small business in 2008 to being awarded one of the Most Successful Startups in 2013 by the Folks Magazine, Magicrete has progressed rapidly. They are of the opinion that if you are going to be thinking something, you might as well think big. Their venture has pioneered its way in green building materials and paved its way to delivering nothing, but excellence.

Under Construction:

Their journey from being completely outside of the construction industry to becoming one of the first manufacturers of lime-based building blocks in the country, is a commendable one. But like every successful startup, they faced a ton of challenges and head-on, to get where they are today. Initially, convincing their clients to trust their newly launched, lime-based blocks to replace the ever existent bricks, was quite toilsome. But when you have conviction, nothing can stop you from breaking the bar and achieving what you strive for. From local suppliers to becoming a renowned name in varied cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, UP and Ahmedabad, their firm has been on a roller-coaster of ups and downs. Their flagship product, AAC blocks is an eco-friendly and cost-effective substitute of traditional clay bricks, that they brought to the Indian market at affordable prices, during ‘Economic Times Acetech 2009’. Acetech is the largest building material exhibition in the country where most of the leading players in building materials participate with their latest offerings. More than 1,000 visitors visited the Magicrete exhibition stall during the three-day event, where the Company demonstrated the features and benefits of the product. Some of the leading stalwarts of the real estate industry lauded their efforts for the introduction of innovative building materials in the construction industry. Starting from ground zero can be risky but Puneet and Sourabh were dauntless, and the position where they stand today is the pure resultant of their hard work, never-ending efforts and their faith in themselves and each other.

Building the Wall of Fame:

Within a decade of its inception, Magicrete has come a long way with an impressive list of awards and accolades. Sourabh, as the MD & Co-founder of the firm, was exclusively interviewed in “Kissey Kamyabi Ke” hosted by Annu Kapoor on Zee News and Zee Business. Their expedition has also been featured in “Arise, Awake” a book by Rashmi Bansal on the 10 most inspiring stories of startups in India. In 2015, they were awarded as the Entrepreneur of the year by Tiecon. Puneet and Sourabh have testified the fact that choosing incredibly different paths and doing offbeat things does not limit you but push you to reach greater heights. They believe that conviction, courage, and determination are the key to reach the pinnacle in any line of work.

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