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Making your Dream Home a Reality | Meet Jaba Champaneria

Making your Dream Home a Reality | Meet Jaba Champaneria


Every home has a different tale to tell. And everyone has a notion of what their ideal home should be like because home is not just a structure, it is a feeling. Meet Jaba Champaneria, an interior designer with an abiding love for rawness and ethnicity, who renders the idea of dream homes into livable realities.

The Beginning: 

Hailing from an aesthete background of art, literature and music, Jaba always fancied the world of art and designs. She was always fascinated by the presence of colours and the aesthetics of how the places around her were curated. Kuryaat was born out of her enduring inclination toward the world of colours, fabrics and creating spaces that are immaculate. She believes that designing has a certain degree of passion attached to it and is not merely about stylizing a space. What makes a space dynamic and eternal is the blend of rawness and a splash of colours, says Jaba. Kuryaat was an ardent initiative by Jaba and her husband Mitesh Champaneria, who is a practising interior designer himself, to merge passion with a career. Something that started as an extension of passion and creating customised artworks, has now grown leaps and bounds, creating tangible spaces. They also give an elaborate look to the homes by tailoring custom-made home accessories like cushion covers, concrete lamps, wall frames and many more. Basic furnishing elements can perk up the liveliness your room and give it an endearing look, adding to the beauty of the space. From furnishings and designing the interiors of your house or work space, they present you with spaces that inspire a colourful way of life.

Exceeding The Barriers: 

The greatest accomplishments come with the toughest obstructions. But success is just a step away when it is backed by dedication, perseverance and a will to work hard, no matter what comes along. Jaba is a standing proof to this, juggling her responsibilities as a mother and a wife she has come a long way and today has a flourishing career. Behind this effort to integrate simplicity and sophistication is a great deal of passion and the aspiration to design spaces that are lucid, exclusive and specified. Overcoming all the difficult phases Kuryaat is now a well-known name in the sphere of designing. She started her career by designing the home of her mentors Arch. Snehal and Saloni Shah, then there was no looking back. From taking small projects and customising artworks to working with a number of designers, Kuryaat has surpassed its way through success. “I owe my success to the three most encouraging people in my life. My husband and my mentors Arch. Snehal and Saloni Shah, who have always pushed me to do my best and believed in me all along the way”, says Jaba.  Giving your home a personal touch that tells a story of your existence and reflects the spark of your spirit they make sure every element conveys an intangible emotion by creating the most tangible spaces. 

The World of Designing: 

With the perspective to make hundreds of homes beautiful Kuryaat is accountable to present you with a home of your desires. With mediums like Batik, wood, metal and weaving they design soft furnishings that are the quickest and economical way to change the decor of a given space and bring a wave of freshness. Kuryaat designs spaces that are functional to the requirements of the clients, with a blend of urbane and contemporary ideas. They turn insights into experiences with a striking balance of elements that delight you at every sight. Taking a blank wall and painting it with the hues of your dreams they translate the thoughts of your imagination into the abode of your delight. 


  • Shivangi

    Wow…thats amazing!!

    May 21, 2018
  • Pragna parikh

    Excellent and amazing collection and design . Very different , traditional and aesthetic. Wish you all the best

    May 21, 2018
  • Ami Trivedi

    Excellent work Jaba! love the concept!!

    May 21, 2018
  • Mini Shah


    May 22, 2018

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