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Haathmade_Happiness | Experience the Magic of PURE POTIONS by Dipanwita Khatri

Haathmade_Happiness | Experience the Magic of PURE POTIONS by Dipanwita Khatri

Pure Potions by Dipanwita

Here’s our next brand in the series, PURE POTIONS, that brings a fresh wave of happiness to your skin & hair.


It is a brand by cosmetologist/organic skincare formulator Dipanwita Khatri who makes all the products from 100 percent natural and organic ingredients. Her range of skincare and haircare products are completely handmade, and often customized exclusively according to the needs and requirements of clients. Dipanwita believes that for a healthy skin and hair, one doesn’t need products based on synthetic chemical at all. In fact, natural and organic products not only provide a long-term remedy but are also free of side-effects. These handcrafted products are Dipanwita’s way of bringing the goodness of nature into people’s lives. PURE POTIONS is slowly & steadily making a lot of people comfortable in their own skin.

What’s the Inside Story?

While studying a biological & environmental degree in Australia, Dipanwita realised how the environment affects the human body, which further inspired her to pursue a paramedical degree. Her subjects also introduced her to the dark face of chemicals and synthetics, that went into the making of cosmetics used by millions on daily basis. Meanwhile, her love for nature led her to pursue Aromatherapy, that uses essential oils to treat various physical ailments. This is how subconsciously the urge to create something, purely natural, took roots in her and PURE POTIONS came to life.

So one fine day, when her friend approached her for help, fate had kept Dipanwita more than prepared. Her friend was suffering from severe hair loss problem and needed immediate care. After a thorough research and with the use of various aroma essential oils and other organic ingredients, Dipanwita created a solution that her friend used persistently for 6 months. She then gave her a hearty feedback of how from 30% baldness, she now possessed luscious, strong hair of a healthy length and volume. As a well-wishing friend who had experienced the charm of PURE POTIONS first-hand, she encouraged her to take this further and out in the market. She insisted that something, as authentically customized as this, should be easily available for people like herself. That’s when Dipanwita started to commercialize her products and launched PURE POTIONS as a full-fledged skincare and hair care solution provider, that was affordable for everyone.

What are its Showstopper Products?

Without any kind of marketing, people from around the world come to Dipanwita, solely through the word-of-mouth. Her exotic product range includes handcrafted Lotions, Serums, Bath Soaps, Bath Salts, Facial Creams, Skin & Hair Elixirs, Floral Waters, Lip Balms, Body Scrubs, Bath Bombs and Uptans. However, the most popular ones among all her product ranges are the 10 premium variety of Floral Waters or skin tonics made from pure flower extracts, an array of luxurious Body Scrubs ranging from coffee and spices to various emulsifiers, and a rejuvenating collection of Body Butters that nourishes and makes one skin supple, healthy and glowing from within. What makes each of these items even more appealing is that all the new formulations of Pure Potions are now made in accordance with the stringent regulations of European Cosmetics Standards.

What’s Next?

From manufacturing to packaging, Dipanwita tends to all the needs of her products, herself. She feels grateful for the kind of loyal clients she has befriended so far and now wants this ideology of natural cosmetics to spread further. With a brand new lab cum clinic coming up, she is looking forward to educating everyone about how the PURE POTIONS’ products are made. She believes that happiness is a habit, and so is one’s skin care. And all we need to do is cultivate the habit, right.

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