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Give your kids the gift of melodies and memories with ‘Musical Bonding’

Give your kids the gift of melodies and memories with ‘Musical Bonding’

musical bonding

A child’s nurture and their coddle define their future. It plays an important role in shaping their personality; hence it is essential to expose them to different experiences and elements in their primary years. Music is one such thing that when introduced to, can leave a physical, emotional and social impact on the children. Inspired from across the seven seas, the program ‘Musical Bonding’ is one such initiative. America’s most loved parent-child program is here to change lives in the city of Surat. 

Nishita Daruwala and Kiran Tulsiani are the sisters who have spearheaded this concept in the city. Nishita has given most of her time, in early year education and Kiran has been working in an IB school since the past five years. They believe that a child’s brain is like a blank canvas and music helps bring about the positive impact on it. Think percussion instruments, colourful props, melodies and positive vibes all packed in a room. A family-based model, the program is much more than what meets the eye. Enliven your senses as you read about this wonderful concept. 

‘Musical Bonding’- A concept

In this tech-driven times, boredom strikes to a level where emptiness can seep into the lives of the children instantly. That’s when music acts as a buoy to keep the children uplifted and occupied. ‘Musical Bonding’ plants the seeds of that very love for music in children ageing 6 months to 5 years old, a time when their musical minds are at its peak. 

A counterpart of the American program Music School, this program encompasses various activities that help the child as well as the accompanying loved one bond through music. The classes consist of recitation of internationally curated songs and rhymes, playing percussion instruments (as they serve as stepping stones for other instruments), dancing, meditation and other brain-stimulating songs. The activities in the class expose the children to different scales, meters and varied musical styles. The music that is played is research-based and has proven long-lasting effects. When the children and the parent sing together, a beautiful bond gets created right there. A bond that they can cherish forever. It also exposes the children to language, motor skills, discipline, learning, positivity and joy. The parents are also encouraged to sing the songs from the class to the children while doing different activities like when feeding them, putting them to sleep and so on. They can do this with the help of an app which can only be accessed once you enrol in the program. This helps the children relate to the different situations and can help them cope up with various situations and experiences easily. 

The mixed-age group classes allow the children to learn new things from their older friends while making them comfortable in the all-inclusive environment. The program also impacts mothers positively by letting them bond with their child and let spend quality time with them while also have discussions with fellow like-minded mommies. The positive environment in the class help both the children and the parent to adopt a happier outlook with music as their coping mechanism. 

Working through the Challenges

In our society, the parent’s mentality about the method of teaching the child English poses a huge challenge. They think the first step towards teaching them the language is teaching them alphabets. This program breaks this very myth as the songs let the children learn new words, helping them increase their vocabulary as well as their fluency. This program defines how music can be learnt through immersive learning, the same way a child learns a new language. 

On spreading the love for music

At present ‘Musical Bonding’ is held once in a week. The program consists of a collection of songs, with a total of 12 collections in the library. Each collection has about 30+ songs from different genres that go on up to 10 weeks. Both Nishita and Kiran look forward to expanding the program, running at different locations. 

With the invitation to birthday parties, comes a mammoth task of selecting the perfect gift. With their voucher system, you can gift the little ones an experience of a whole collection. This adds a personal touch to your gift along with gifting happy times and lifetime of memories. 

A perfect program for kids between 6 months to 5 years old, this experience is truly life changing. To get in touch with them or to book a class, contact them on 7203883999/ 9998903963 or via Instagram or Facebook.

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