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FuckUp Nights Surat: Celebrating failures, one FuckUp at a time.

FuckUp Nights Surat: Celebrating failures, one FuckUp at a time.


Success is attractive. Successful people, even more. You hear a successful person talk and you’re immediately spell bound by the stories of how they made it BIG. Thumping success, success laden with struggle, easy success, success given in inheritance or success snatched from undercutting – you have heard it all. But have you ever heard someone boast about their failure? Why Not?

Failure is a taboo. Falling flat on your face is typically viewed negatively and kept private. We’re tailored to pay attention to successful people and they are tailored to narrate to us their endeavors of success. These, often missed out, stepping stones to success, make one vulnerable and uncomfortable. It’s easier to say “I made it!” than to say “I fucked up.”

How do we change this?

To break the tradition, to reverse the existing norms and to fuck (up) the system – Spaceplexx Coworking, Basic Roots Consultancy and Digital Door Surat bring you Fuck Up Nights Surat – an anti-climax to those often similar sounding stories. The aim of the event is to take the sting, shame, and guilt, out of failure by discussing it with like-minded people and to figure out what could have been done differently.

What is it?

FuckUp Nights is a global movement started over 5 years ago in Mexico, now happening in over 200+ cities. A platform where stories of failed businesses and projects are shared questioned and celebrated. This event brings together 3 to 4 speakers ready to share their failure stories with an audience of people ready to be inspired by these. FUN is an attempt to create a cultural shift around failure, and enable a mind-set of innovation.

Event details:

After an overwhelmingly successful first edition, the second edition is here:

When: 17th January, 2018

Where: Amphitheatre – Science Centre, Surat.

Who should come: Business owners, aspiring/failed/successful entrepreneurs, start-ups, anybody who wants to get inspired by stories of real life endeavors that flunked.

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