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FifthNote Fiesta | Celebrate Music as FifthNote Turns Two

FifthNote Fiesta | Celebrate Music as FifthNote Turns Two


In a city like Surat, where life moves at its own pace, FifthNote as a music school has brought a fresh poetic wave to break the melancholy. From the Ragas of Indian Classical to the scales of Western music, FifthNote has succeeded in introducing the soulful symphony that makes music magical for all. To present the city with yet another musical evening, it is hosting FifthNote Fiesta as its second-anniversary celebration on 14th February 2018, from 6:30 pm onwards at Amphitheatre, Science Centre, CityLight, Surat.

  • What to expect of FifthNote Fiesta?

This music fest will surely let you discover the power of music in its true form. By tuning in to FifthNote Fiesta you will be able to devour the magnificent performances of their students, teachers and many more. The concert will present a variety of performances ranging from solo to groups and bands, and from Indian classical to western classical music. On this celebratory event, FifthNote will also announce their specialized classes on Tabla and Flute through a captivating presentation by the artists. A duo acoustic band by their Guitar faculty – Greynote will also rock the stage for the first time. With a number of varied and exciting musical shows on the list, we can definitely expect a full-fledged concert that will enter us through our ears and reach our hearts.

  • What’s in the name?

FifthNote is named after the genius who changed the sound of Hindi film music forever, R.D. Burman, fondly known as Pancham Da. One of the most celebrated Bollywood music composers of all time, R.D. Burman was a maverick and a pioneer, who introduced new arrangements and influences from world music in his work. Inspired by the love that his pieces evoked in the masses and also by the fact that Pancham is a Sanskrit word that literally means the fifth note of Indian Classical music, this Surat-based Music School coined itself with an aspiration to bring his magic back to everyday life.

  • What will you find in the school?

FifthNote is a refreshingly designed Music School that provides us with an escape from the bustling city life. Led by a team of management professionals and top class musicians from all over the country and abroad, it was started in early 2016. It has two departments: the Department of Indian music and the department of Western music. Within the department of Indian music, they offer career and performance courses in Hindustani Vocals, Flute and Tabla. While, within the department of western music they offer performance courses in Guitar, Djembe, Piano, Keyboard, and Drums. Age is no bar at FifthNote; the youngest student is 3 years old, where the eldest one is 65 years old. Their students have performed at more than 90 events internally at FifthNote Hall, and have also participated in more than 20 platforms at places like VR Mall and GD Goenka School, across the city, since the inception. With premium facilities and infrastructure, it also offers students a peaceful and a creative atmosphere at affordable prices.

  • What’s the Ideology?

There is so much more to musical training than just learning an instrument and performing on a stage. And thus, FifthNote is passionately driven by the impetus to promote music as a life skill. By practising music at an early age, a child develops life skills like confidence, collaboration, perseverance, creativity, focus and dedication, and connecting again with music as a grown-up helps one create a more harmonious, happier, and a fulfilling life. FifthNote believes that music is poetry to the soul and it heals, revives and helps survive a practitioner with its charm. So if the music is not a life skill, then what is?

Do not miss this chance of losing oneself in the mesmerizing world of rhythms and beats. To find out more about the event, click here.


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