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Stronger Than Ever | Mother’s Day 2020

Stronger Than Ever | Mother’s Day 2020

Presenting stories of unstoppable mothers who are stronger than ever, fearlessly working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic, putting aside their own well-being to take care of the infected, and help those who need it the most. Read on to know their stories!

Stronger than ever

The Undeterred. Sejal B. Patel is a Staff Nurse at New Civil Hospital who is fearless working every single day to help as many people as possible. With no public transport available, she travels alone all the way from Navsari to do her job. 

Her life mantra used to be ‘Stay Together With Love’ but due to COVID-19, it has transformed to ‘Stay Apart With Love’. She has not seen her son Malav for over a month, having kept him with his grandparents for his safety, and the only way she can stay connected with him is through video call. It is undoubtedly difficult for her to work during these times, especially when there is no house help and stores are not open all day, making it difficult to get essentials. But Sejal takes it all in her stride, proudly doing her job, and serving patients wholeheartedly.

Though she takes regular immunity boosters and is very particular about her hygiene and sanitation, Sejal is worried about infecting her family and that worry follows her whenever she is off-duty. When she is on-duty, she is passionate and determined to help patients. Her only hope is that this pandemic ends soon, and everyone can once again ‘Stay Together With Love’. 

Stronger than ever

The Fearless. Bhavna G. Chavda is a Staff Nurse at New Civil Hospital working everyday to serve COVID-19 patients. It is tiring work, and by the end of the day, she is exhausted both physically and mentally. All day long, it is not just their bodies that are serving the infected, it is their minds as well. To keep the patients strong, nurses have to ensure that they provide patients with all the support they need. 


Self-care precautions along with prevention of exposure to her family and friends is her priority, so she carries a bottle of warm water with her everyday. She wears clean clothes, keeps her distance, and avoids touching household items whenever she comes home from duty, trying to stop the spread.


While Bhavna immensely misses her family and children when she is working, she is unafraid of being on the field as she believes that whatever she is doing is for the greater good, and serving the needy has always been her motto.

Stronger than ever

The Brave. Amisha J. Patel is a Staff Nurse at New Civil Hospital who stays at the hospital for a week straight at times helping COVID-19 positive patients. Having over 20 years of field experience under her belt, she is not afraid of working on the frontlines and trying to help as many people as possible. She misses her family and children when she is on-duty, but always uses PPE kits and maintains a healthy diet to build her immunity and not infect herself or her loved ones.  

Stronger than ever

The Dedicated. Alpana Rajan Chaudhari is a Lab Technician at Government Medical College who tests COVID-19 samples on a daily basis. A constant worry on her mind is accidentally getting infected and infecting her family and children, but she is determined to do her part to help those who need it. 


With longer duty times, and strict social distancing protocols, she is nostalgic for times when life was normal and she could freely meet her loved ones, yet none of that stops her from fearlessly continuing to work. She misses her family and children, and only talks to her husband on the phone as he is a doctor, and doing his duty. Though she gets exhausted at the end of every day, she is dedicated to her job, and always ready to serve the nation as an essential healthcare worker. 

Stronger than ever

The Courageous. Anjana B. Surti is a Lab Technician at New Civil Hospital who is a resident of Bardoli. With the longer work hours caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been unable to go back home and is currently staying at a friend’s house. She misses her son and her family immensely, and is unable to sleep at night or eat properly because her work takes a mental toll on her. While the pandemic has changed lives completely, Anjana is determined to do her duty to the best of her abilities, and is unafraid because they have sufficient protection in the form of PPE and take all necessary precautions possible. 

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