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Budding Them Dreams: Umang Mittal- Weaving Space Makeover Stories

Budding Them Dreams: Umang Mittal- Weaving Space Makeover Stories

umang mittal

Architecture & interior designing is the science of breathing character & life into spaces. And Arch. Umang Mittal’s way of working testifies this ideology exhaustively. His firm We Make Spaces has been building, rebuilding and designing spaces with a distinction that adds to the brand value of the clients, since 2015. A passionate traveller and a hobbyist diver, Umang calls himself ‘a student to life’. He believes in working with the consciousness of the essence of the space and attaining pure optimal utility. Read on to trace his journey so far.

The story behind you starting We Make Spaces –

Having completed his architectural degree, Umang with his college friend, Hiral Patel, started this architectural firm which specializes in delivering vibrant cross-disciplinary solutions to architectural and interior designing needs. They endeavour to design in a manner that increases the usage and storage of the space while reducing the consumption of resources and energy. All of their work seeks a strong relationship between the client’s need and the original character of the space.

Umang says, “To treat the space like an entity is the foremost step of the whole designing process. We deeply believe that every space has a character of its own and it is on us to identify the traits and organize it in a way that every small piece falls into its own place. Our first inclination is to let the walls, floor and everything in between, breathe and only then they can be arranged to suit the user’s needs and preferences.”

What inspires you on a personal and professional level –  

Mother Nature is where we draw our inspiration from. Also, we study human behaviour closely because we believe that every space tells the story of its occupants; it represents the collection of what they love. Nothing is more impactful to the user than the space they are in. So, we intend to make spaces keeping in mind that every space that we carve has to leave a memory for the occupant. Our work is fashioned in a way that it speaks of a given time and place, yet yearn for timelessness.

Challenges faced:

We face a new challenge every day, in every single project and that’s what keeps our fire ignited. Every challenge to us is an opportunity to make a mark and create our niche. We are dealing with the environment which is something that cannot be controlled or tamed, neither we want to. We strive to face those challenges and work in harmony with the environment.

Future goals:

Our ideology is built on the point that spaces can stimulate and support people physically, intellectually and emotionally. We believe in the art of making the best possible use of an available area while capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of space on point. We strive to deliver our best at every project. Our mission is to grow and expand in a way to be able to serve in multiple cities simultaneously, providing turnkey solutions in all commercial & hospitality projects.


Umang’s team execute ideas and vision in a way that brings a stunning charm to any space, just like they did in their office. And to ensure your space meet these alchemists, contact We Make Spaces and experience the magic. Get in touch with them on +91 9099718232 or You can also follow their work on Facebook & Instagram.

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