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Budding Them Dreams: Trishna Shah – Serving Food for the Soul

Budding Them Dreams: Trishna Shah – Serving Food for the Soul

Trishna Shah

Every city has its own characteristics, the set of DNA, that makes it what it is. Its own perils, devils, beauty and sources of inspiration. Surat, since ages, has had this spirit of entrepreneurship where young people try to forge their own ways through the thick, starting up their own enterprises, shunning the ‘economic stability paradigm’, basically run on a fairly simple principle: ‘Do what you love to do.’

We, at Digital Door Surat, bring such stories to you through our series ‘Budding them dreams’. It is an insight, on how life is a decision between two roads, the one that seems easy to traverse and the other where journey itself is better than the destination. Launching our first gem of the series-

Trishna Shah: Serving Food for the Soul


soul kitchen story

Cooking has always been an extension of love; an expression that crosses boundaries and tugs the heart of the eater. Perhaps, this is why Trishna Shah ditched every other occupational option she had and chose to start Soul Kitchen Story. From being a Soft Skill Trainer for more than six years to serving unique healthy delicacies to patrons at her eatery, Trishna’s journey inspires one to listen to one’s callings. Let’s explore the story behind the genesis of Trishna’s Soul Kitchen Story.

How did it start?

Even though she selected Soft Skills Training as her career, Trishna’s heart was never into it. Coming from a business family, Trishna always knew she wanted to have a business of her own as well. As goes universally, her mother is also an amazing cook and Trishna has also imbibed the same passion, she thought to start a business in food industry. Within a month, she and her mother started their very own home food business. Trishna considers her mother as the backbone of the business. Where Trishna handles the R&D, marketing and accounts, her mother handles the staff and orders.

So, they started with a company named Herbs food which is now registered as Soul Kitchen Story. They started with making varieties of dips which are colour and preservatives free. Gradually, they came up with a range of Samosas followed by Salads. They found a niche in Surat eventually where people appreciated these kinds of products. Within six months, they had grown tremendously.

Trishna’s mother was always very particular about what she eats, even as a kid. Ever since her childhood, she has seen her grandmother and her mother prepare all sorts of cuisines at home which is why their family was never attracted to outside food. This gave her a sense of hygiene and how big an element it is during cooking. According to Trishna, they try and use as much fresh ingredients as possible. They believe that while it is important for any food to be delicious, the process of cooking it and the freshness of ingredients is equally important.

It has been 2.5 years now and they are growing each and everyday with various opportunities coming their way.

What motivates her:

“The need to do something worth it!”  Trishna believes everyone should find their purpose in life. To do something creative and to offer something that you believe in is what keeps her going.

Professionally the appreciation which she gets for her products is her constant source of inspiration. When someone approaches her and tells her how much they loved the things she serves, is the price for all the hard work she puts in.

Challenges faced:

Each individual’s choice is influenced by his upbringing, general exposure, native and a lot of other factors. To introduce something new and to make it worth relishing is a challenge. They are trying to bring varieties of unique starters and delicacies into Surat food scenario but only few people really understand it.

Future goals:

They have recently launched their website and also their YouTube channel Soulkitchenstory where recipe video demonstration is uploaded. Furthermore, they are soon planning to start a commercial kitchen where only home delivery will be available and a new concept of tablescaping where they will help decorate the food table for small parties and gatherings.

You can follow their Facebook and Instagram account for their upcoming delicacies.


Keep an eye on this space for more such stories. Coming up soon!

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