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Budding Them Dreams: Rhea Patel-Bringing Life to Exhibitions through Pop-Up Express

Budding Them Dreams: Rhea Patel-Bringing Life to Exhibitions through Pop-Up Express

Building up exhibitions is an art. It isn’t all about showcasing products but trying to create ephemeral moments for the onlookers that they cannot forget even after they have left the space. And Rhea Patel’s Pop Up Express tends to do just that. From being a graduate in the field of Law to being a content writer for two years, Rhea’s journey of starting Pop-Up Express is one-of-its-kind story. Read to know more about her world.

What led to the beginning of The Pop Up Express?

Always wanting to do something significant, Rhea started her journey of organizing Pop-Up Shows in Surat in 2016 when she organized her first show. It was a modest beginning as she managed to get 5 designers on-board with her who agreed to showcase their collection in her garden. The decor of the event was inspired by the vintage theme but unfortunately, it started raining and all her decor got washed off.  Heartbroken yet buoyant, they managed to pull off a decent show.

The following year, she went ahead to organize her second show, working and improvising on all the mistakes from last time. This time, because of all the hard work and managerial efforts she had put in, the show was a brimming hit which gave her the required boost to organize more such pop-ups, raising her bar everytime.

What inspires her?

She adores her husband; he is the one who inspires and motivates her to keep doing great things and to never give up. On a professional level, Rhea keeps following her idols, learning and taking pointers from their stories which helps her in getting better each year.

Challenges faced:

Their unique selling proposition is to use every corner in the garden space to display the products. It becomes very hard to make people understand the raw setup they work with. They feel that sometimes, people don’t understand that an indoor exhibition is very different from a raw setup they provide. However, after 2 years of organizing the Pop-Up Express, since the event has built itself a good repute in Surat, it’s all getting better now.

Future goals:

Rhea wants to pursue a career in marketing where she can help the brands with the planning and strategy of their marketing campaigns. She wants to get them to target the right audience to pitch their products to, whilst also boosting their sales.

If you are an exhibitor looking forward to be a part of her upcoming Pop-Up Express, you can contact her on Facebook and Instagram.

For more such stories, keep watching this space.

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