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Budding Them Dreams: Rahul Devnani and Anchal Saraf- Redefining Art & Exhibitions, as we know it

Budding Them Dreams: Rahul Devnani and Anchal Saraf- Redefining Art & Exhibitions, as we know it

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For some, art comes in the shape of life-size sculptures or intricate jewellery and for some, it comes in the shape of woven fabric or a series of intellectual banter over a cup of coffee. Presenting to you our second dreamer or rather dreamers in the series- Rahul Devnani and Anchal Saraf, who, with their varied work experience in management and designing spheres, co-founded Shehnai x The Design Avenue, a platform that will serve exhibitors from around the country, belonging to varied genres to showcase their products & services in a city like Surat.

The shows they organize are independently exclusive and are curated in a very different way than a conventional exhibition. Here’s an excerpt from our interview with them.

What is the story behind you starting ‘The Design Avenue’?

Perfectly in step with its era, The Design Avenue has established itself as one of the leading shows offering a boundless diversity of luxury brands and experiences, all representing a distinguished exclusive character.At TDA, we intend to offer experiences that helpto engage and connect with the brands more deeply.

“The Design Avenue” is a name that has evolved from our previous identity called “Shehnai The Wedding Show”. Shehnai was a wedding show concept and shows under this name were purely wedding centric. The Design Avenue is a rebranding of Shehnai, which opens the platform for designers from the world of Fashion and Jewellery, Products Interiors and Art, Confectioneries, Travel and Hospitality, and Real estate.

What all events have you conducted so far in the city?

We have done our shows in Surat, Ahmedabad and Jaipur so far. The first show was in Surat in October 2017, followed by Ahmedabad in Jan ’18, Jaipur in July ’18 and the latest one in Surat on 25th& 26th of September 2018. First three shows were under the brand “Shehnai” and our latest edition was under the brand “The Design Avenue”

What are the challenges you face in the work you do?

Being new to the industry, not many designers and people know about our work and us, and so to get them onboard with us is our biggest challenge. Specifically considering Surat as a city, not many renowned designers and artists want to showcase in B-towns yet. Nevertheless, with every project of ours, people have started to see our work and the vision we have behind this concept.

 Any upcoming events people of Surat should look forward to?

The Design Avenue is a unique showcase, both for the exclusivity of its participating brands and for the quality of audience and ambience it brings together. For the 2019 edition, to be held in the first quarter of the year, the show will exuberate an exclusively curated mix of over 40 luxury brands at its one-of-a-kind networking platform. The show will include – brand experiences & exhibits, networking and fashion walks.

The discerning guests and clientele expected to attend the 2019 edition, will have the opportunity to discover the TDA experience in its most prime setting: more exclusive, more interactive and more connected. We promise to set the tone for the ever-changing landscape of luxury, allowing visitors to unravel the multiple facets of leading luxury brands.


They also execute Brand Launches and Collection launches for luxury brands and designers who are eager to step their foot in Surat. To appreciate the beauty of passionate art and indulge in the rich, intellectual discussion with the artists, founders and fellow art fanatics, follow the Facebook page and the Instagram account of Shehnai x The Design Avenue Exhibition.

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