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Budding Them Dreams: Bon Temps-Introducing Surat to Soulful Events

Budding Them Dreams: Bon Temps-Introducing Surat to Soulful Events

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The reason some events leave an extraordinary impression on us is that their vibe can enter our skin and touch our souls. To bring such stunning assemble of events to our very own city, Bon Temps is born. It is a company that doesn’t have any defined boundaries with regards to their subjects but they promise to create ambiences and situations that would linger in the mind of the audiences long after they have left the venue. Young, energetic and eager to explore, team Bon Temps has already carved a niche following for themselves. Let us find out more about them.

Who are the the founding members?

Karishma: – The Task Master

She is the quintessential “Boss”. She has her own way of making things look great. This leads to a structured approach to every work detail and report. They know if she takes up a project, she will finish it and, not to the team’s liking, will make sure they do it too.

Sneha: – Ace Curator

She is the silent curator. She is a part idealist and another contrarian. Normally, they all see a show or listen to a music piece but she senses it. It’s her insight and expertise in creating belief in the midst of disruption which brings out the trust of people in their work.

Zeal: – Unconventional Creator

She is 18, yes you read it right. Making unconventional choices and creating something new is not a part of her bucket list but she has already ticked that part. It is assumed that secret for her creativity is because of her involvement with diverse group, driven thinkers and craftspeople but actually it’s her personal drive and talent that reflects through her work.  

Dhiren: – The Resourceful Guy

He is the authentic local ladka/guy. He is popular for his ability to connect the dots and create opportunities in sourcing almost everything through his skills and sometimes charm. A passionate chef he puts in the right mix for their smooth operations. If he is not working, he is reported to be sleeping or making the sin of gluttony.

Joy: – The Outsider

He is the joker in the pack. He steps in a situation(mostly sticky), assess what needs to be done and completes the game. He is the thread which ornaments their togetherness. He tries to keep the talking part grounded, metaphoric and fun.

The reason behind starting an event company and why the name ‘Bon Temps’?

Most of their coffee outings left them with a blaring question “when do we get to experience this in our city?” Instead of passing on the baton to someone else, they decided to take up the opportunity to form Bon Temps. Bon Temps is all about what they feel when they are together and that is what they want to provide to their audience i.e. “good times”. They are a group of friends who look forward to deliver moments and create memories which are more experiential and intimate.

Their first show in the city was a live concert by the famous band, Kabir café from Ahmedabad. The event was held at Performing Arts Theatre, Adajan and was completely sold out days before the show.

Challenges faced:

They feel that awareness towards a certain style of art is very limited in the city. Considering the market, budgeting an event is a big challenge. The audience in Surat is quite scattered. Reaching that audience also becomes a challenge. Surat city has a populist following. So, it takes a lot of effort to develop a new taste. Scaling a new genre of performing arts becomes difficult due to the limitation of ticket pricing and the culture of complimentary passes.

The Immersive Theatre Experience:

Surat is soon to experience its first Immersive Theatre as Bon Temps is bringing Rangaai Theatre Company from Mumbai to the city. They will host 2 plays where the audience will step into a real life adventure. For the first time, the audience will be a part of the story, either as witnesses or as actual characters. The event is happening on 1st and 2nd of December.

The show details are as follows:-


Age limit – 18+
1. Showcasing three classical stories in a unique experimental way.
2. The thrill of uncertainty and unknowing is implicated by the blindfolds.
3. A power to decide the faith of the characters from the story.
4. The line between the actor and the character is blurred and you are transferred to a virtual reality.


Age limit – 18+
It is a narration of true stories and a presentation of the shocking reality of society. The piece intends on showing an audience member the terrifying ordeal that rape victims are put through by gruesome acts of the administration, political system as well as their communities. You will be made to experience the power play, that rape perpetrates, by being thrown into the same situations as those victimized.

You can register for this event here- To know more about this, follow their Facebook and Instagram account.

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