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Showering you with organic goodness: Upasana Kumar Bajaj’s Clarks Amer Farmer’s Market

Showering you with organic goodness: Upasana Kumar Bajaj’s Clarks Amer Farmer’s Market

Clarks Amer Farmer’s Market

Once you have tasted and experienced all that the organic products have to offer, you will hear yourself saying, “Never will I ever go back to regular products again.” Well, who doesn’t like to indulge in all things wholesome and good? To cater to those very demands for all things organic in Jaipur, Clarks Amer Farmer’s Market has brought in a new trend of organic with its upbeat vibe and mindful curation. From organic vegetables to bakery items to organic skincare and more, the farmer’s market has to it all!

 All thanks to Upasana Bajaj Kumar for bringing this to the people of Jaipur every weekend. From ideation to its creation, read on to know the inside story. 

The stepping stones

Upasana completed her Primary and Secondary Education from Mussoorie International School and Welham Girls School Dehradun. Glion Institute of Higher Education is her alma mater from where she completed her BBA in Hospitality Administration. 

To soak in experiences from around the world, she completed her first internship at Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi, Yas Island as a front office associate. She later went on to complete her Corporate Trainee Program with the Shangri-La Grop of Hotels. She widened the horizons of her careers as she worked in MICE Sales in Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, for two years. She also worked as a wedding planner in Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru. 

As she was gaining experiences and amplifying her career, she got married to Arjun Kumar from Jaipur. Who happens to be the owner and creator of Zolocrust in Clarks Amer and Airr Toast located in multiple locations. The sails of her career turned when she had a conversation with Deepti Agrawal, who regularly organised Farmer’s Market in JLN. Inspired by her idea of spreading the concept of organic, local produce and products to different communities, Upasana set out to start a farmer’s market herself in a few days itself. Her one-year-old son, Arya has been her constant inspiration through it all. 

Curating all that is good

The Farmer’s Market curated by Upasana is focused on bringing together local farmers with people running homegrown and homemade products, giving them a platform for them to connect with other people who share the same mindset and attitude towards organic lifestyle. With this concept, she wants to promote the idea of eating healthy and leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Farmer’s Market is a happy place with a happy vibe. Think homemade food, fresh fruits and vegetables, toys, herbs, spices, sauces, honey, pet food, oils, scrubs, soaps, popsicles and more. Clarks Amer Farmer’s Market has people selling everything organic.  Planning to go sustainable? There is no better place to start with, than this Farmer’s Market.   

Up and onwards

“To get the right kind of people on board who have the right products is a challenge”, says Upasana. Having a footfall of 200-250 people within a span of two hours every Sunday is also a task to handle and sustain. With great things, comes great responsibilities and hence, she is always ready for the hard work that comes in tow. 

Looking forward to the future, she wants to take this concept to other cities as well. She also wants to expand in terms of the quality of people participating and showcasing along with the footfall. She looks forward to meeting people who share the same interests and ideology as her. 

If you are into all that is organic and good, head over to the Clarks Amer Farmer’s Market every Sunday from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

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