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Welcoming art into your lifestyle: Studio Kassa creates to enchant

Welcoming art into your lifestyle: Studio Kassa creates to enchant

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Simple things around us have the power to make the day feel mundane or add that jibe of positivity. It’s what we choose to surround ourselves with, makes a difference. Studio Kassa understands how the things around us impact us. And their concept-studio aim to add that much-needed splash of art and creativity to our lives. A brainchild of two young guns- Aarushi Kumar and Arpan Patel, Studio Kassa is a vivacious and energetic brand that is brightening up the town’s vibe. Read on to know the inside story and all that they have in store for you.

Meet the artists

Aarushi, 29 has completed her graduation in Fine Arts and has received her Masters in Art Direction from MICA (Mudra Institue of Communication). To put her knowledge to practical use, she worked as an Art Director for two years in advertising. She has also worked as a freelance artist, graphic designer, painter, illustrator and continues to do so.

Arpan, 32, on the other hand, has completed his graduation in hard material from IICD, Jaipur. He also went on to complete his Master’s degree from the University of Arts London in Product Design. He put his artistic skills to work by coming up with art projects for his solo show at London and Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai called ‘Tea Stories’. The show was an instant hit, and he continues to work on it side-by-side Studio Kassa.

Studio Kassa: the

In 2011, Aarushi and Arpan realised that their mindsets aligned when it came down to creating art and design together. But they went their own ways to pursue their masters. Coming back together in 2013, they brought Studio Kassa to life.

Kassa is essentially a multidisciplinary brand that upcycles and recycles concepts for everyday products. Be it apparel, accessories or bags, the products are made in such a way that it resonates with the lifestyle of the artists and something that they themselves would use. A fantasyland for art fanatics and the aesthetes, the studio houses an eclectic collection of apparel, watches, bags, jewellery, accessories and so much more. Their jewellery specifically has gained major popularity over time.

Aarushi and Aparna create a series of prototypes and samples before introducing it in the store. The brand follows the aesthetic of simple, clean yet bold lines, tessellations, Bauhaus, shapes with minimalist and unconventional designs. The designs are focused on the urban setting with something here for everyone. At times, the products also speak of avant-garde elements that can make people stand out.

Decoding the young minds

Kassa is all about adding something new to the lives of people. There is no room for ordinary at Kassa. To create products that please the eyes, the inspiration for them comes from everyday things. For Aarushi and Arpan, anything that catches the eyes and soars the imagination becomes an inspiration. Travel and photography also serve as a great source of inspiration.

Kicking the challenges aside

The local artisans and craftsmen have been the pillions of support at Studio Kassa. To merge local crafts and an urban theme in a product, it becomes difficult to push the artisans to think on a different tangent. The sourcing of used accessories or leather also comes as a major challenge.

Are you a collector of knick-knacks that oozes of art? Do you like to surround yourself with all things whimsical and pretty? Then follow their page on Instagram and Facebook or head over to their store to get absorbed in the land of wonder.

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