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Reimagined, timeless and collected Interiors: Shan Bhatnagar dresses the spaces

Reimagined, timeless and collected Interiors: Shan Bhatnagar dresses the spaces

Shan Bhatnagar

To add magic and translate spaces is what an interior designer works towards. A profession full of inspiration, ingenuity and whimsical musings, there are a few who nails the idea behind it all. Adding bouts of wonder and enticement to places, Shan Bhatnagar from the Pink City is redefining interiors as we know it.

A self-learned artist and an interior designer, he took the road less traveled. Skim through his journey, the story that unfolds when the curtains fall.

Designing the life story
Soon after kick-starting his education in business and economics from the University of Maryland, Germany, Shan went onto become the head of business development in a multi-national company. Nevertheless, it didn’t take him long to realize that it wasn’t exactly his happy place. Inspired by Europe and its history, he was enchanted by the designs and patterns that he came across during his travels across the country. That was all the exposure he needed to steer his career in an all-new direction.
The Temple Tree: his creative journey
Temple Tree or Shan Bhatnagar Designs started off as him tending to his creative desires and needs. For him, art and being creative was a way of catharsis. Listening to his inner voice of breaking away from the corporate world, he decided to start his interior designing venture from scratch. His very first project itself was a huge one. He was contracted to design the famous ‘Dragon House’- a Chinese fine dine restaurant in the Raddison, Jaipur. His designs garnered compliments and love from all directions and hence began his journey.
Deriving inspiration from his travels, beautiful things, paintings, artifacts and the biggest one being the Haveli of Shrinathji in Nathdwara, Shan nails the aesthetics and details every time. More of a spiritual person than religious, Shan in deeply moved by the Krishna Seva in India. Their selfless devotion is inversely proportionate to his selfless love for his work.

The ups and downs
When given the free hand to put together everything and create, Shan feels it is then when he gets the best of results. On the other hand, he feels it is important to know the client, their desires and takes it as a challenge to incorporate it in the spaces in the best way possible. Another curveball this profession throws at him is to get the freedom from the client and be on the same page as them.
Sidelining the challenges, Shan talks about his future plans. He looks forward to seeing the company grow organically while building up trust and goodwill with each project. Looking back at a mélange of collaborations he was a part of alongside some insanely talented people, he is eager to scour more and expand the boundaries of creativity with more such people. With the issue of climate change looming, he would love to work on projects that are environmentally friendly and lets him incorporate sustainable sources in his projects. With that, he believes that sustainability should be the way of the world.
If you are a one who is enchanted by beautiful designs and aesthetics are bound to delight then you should head over to his pages on Instagram and Facebook to check out his projects. If you decide to get a space makeover or create something new, you can rest assured that the best is at work.

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