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Bringing handcrafted aesthetics to your closets: Maniére amping up men’s style

Bringing handcrafted aesthetics to your closets: Maniére amping up men’s style


Fashion is a world of unearthing new possibilities. It is all about how it makes people embrace new styles with new patterns and elements. With retail giants changing the fashion scenario, people want to stand out from the crowd with clothes that are not only unique but which also carry fabric that is easy for the skin. Bringing in a revolution in the slow-fashion industry is- Maniére, a sustainable men’s clothing brand. 

Adding dapper to sustainable fashion, meet Manasi Kabra, the brains behind this dynamic brand. Read on to know more about the brand and her. 

Dream Fashion

Born and brought up in Rajasthan, Manasi was always intrigued by the way her mother turned scratches of fabrics into beautiful ensembles for the idols in the temple and for her Barbie dolls. The technique and the creations that her mother came up with sowed the seeds of interest in her. 

Following her passion, she graduated with a degree in fashion designing from Pearl Academy in 2015. While designing shirts for her brothers in the family, her interest in the avenue piqued. To learn more and hone her skills in menswear, she moved to Mumbai for two years. There she worked with various menswear designers to understand the challenges and the step by step processes of the works. While experiencing the best of the best in the city, she also learned the entire system on building her own core team.

The ‘Maniére ‘ Story

Constantly on a lookout for her muse, Manasi started with her ventured ‘Maniére ‘ in 2018. With her brand, she set out to design well-fitted and quality shirts for men. The apparel is made using premium quality cotton and other light handwoven fabrics that are acquired from non-mechanised looms from all over India. 

The beauty of their clothes lies in their details. Each piece is handcrafted to capture the essence of perfection and uniqueness. Their precise tailoring and attention to detail brought in by artisans ensure the fitting to be as good as a bespoke shirt. The shirts are then worked on with block prints, wooden buttons and other traditional elements. These very aspects scream that they are proudly made in India. 

Such is the inspiration

Manasi’s inspiration comes from the local artisans and their pride in their centuries-old skills of craftsmanship. With the youngsters leaving behind these ancestral skills behind, Maniére aims to keep them alive with the help of these passionate artisans. The designs are a translation of contemporary meets traditional. Therefore, the designs are much loved by the crowd who want to sport something trendy yet different. 

Handling everything at their wit’s end

Working in the menswear industry comes with its own set of challenges.  Men are often sceptical for experimenting with new designers. It is a difficult task to get people comfortable with something new in shirts and trousers. But social media has critically helped in changing this perspective. The challenges are essentially what motivates them to move forward. 


eeing the bigger picture

With Maniére , Manasi aims to educate men on the sea of other options that are available for them to try. She also wants to create a sensible and transparent platform for selling where the wearer can truly understand the fabric they are donning. She aims to keep working with artisans to help them get the right wages. 

Adding a feather to her cap, Maniére was featured in Vogue’s May edition. The sensational Ankur Tewari was also spotted in one of Maniére’s creations. 

All the men out there, it’s time for you to let your clothes speak for you. Head over to their page on Instagram and Facebook to shop from their collection.

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