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Let your space reflect your personality with Atelier’10

Let your space reflect your personality with Atelier’10


Architecture is a fixation of ideas and the art of turning imagination into solid reality. It requires a vivid and different mind to truly understand the needs of a person and shape them. With a wave of new-age architects taking over the world by their creativity and innovation, there are a few who stand out from the crowd. One such mastermind is Ar. Ronak Singhvi from the pink city. Spearheading his firm Atelier’10, he is changing the way people perceive the spaces around them. 

Starting young and making it big, read on for an insight into his world of unlimited possibilities. 

Atelier’10: A sketch

Atelier’10 is an interior design firm headed by Ar. Ronak Singhvi. Along with a team of 20 skilled and dynamic, architects, interior designers and civil engineers, Atelier’10 moves forward with the motto ‘YOUNG.MODERN.EXPERIMENTAL’. The firm has surely made its mark in the city as well in around the country in cities like Kota, Jamshedpur, Kolkata and more. They work with a 360-degree approach with services like custom architecture, interiors, landscape and product design for various residential, cultural, corporate, hospitality, retail and academic buildings. The firm holds the client’s best interests and requirements at heart by trying to incorporate their personality into their designs. 

Staying true to their ideology, the designs reflect a sense of transparency and simplicity. Till date, the team has successfully completed over 50 projects while impacting the lives of many with their designs. Each of their projects is designed in peculiar ways, making sure there is no repetition in any. While planning the designs to give a unique feel, they take the experiences of the person moving in into consideration. The designs are sophisticated yet striking, making it a treat for the aesthetes.

 Such is the inspiration

Atelier’10 focuses on making their designs experimental yet functional. With the markets getting flooded with new materials and ideas, the team makes sure to incorporate them in the designs with sustainable accuracy. Their work style is mostly concentrated on bringing out the best in the material used by employing clean designs. Although having taken inspiration from the golden era of the ’90s, the designs are modern which showcases nuanced use of steel and glass along with a metallic touch. Ronak’s travels also come as a great inspiration. He often recalls designs, patterns and elements from the past to apply them to his designs. 

The designing genius

Initially, a student of IIT Engineering, Ronak intuitively felt that engineering wasn’t his calling. Dropping out midway to pursue his passion for spatial designing, Ronak decided to take the road less taken. He started his journey in 2010 by designing a mere washroom and a lounge famously known as Orca Downunder. With a dream in his heart and passion throbbing in his blood, architecture was his way forward. 

Moving forward against the odds

Just like most of the careers, architecture is also a field full of challenges.  It is always a tough job to work with new materials and learn how to use them in the designs. Along with new clients, comes in their specific needs. To upkeep both their requirements and the aesthetic in mind comes as a major task. More than just creative spirits at heart, Ronak and his team never back down from a good challenge. 

Driven by a vision, Ronak plans to expand his firm with his family’s real estate business. With a dream to grow and to scale worldwide, he wants to enter the bigger corporate picture. Currently a project in Sharjah is awaiting Ronak and his team to work their magic, starting off their journey in the international scenario. 

There is nothing more that can make you happy from the inside than lively spaces, perfectly done up interiors in the place you can call home.

We wouldn’t want to keep you from these brilliant minds and therefore you can contact them on +91-9929411115 or drop them a mail on to know more about their services.Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see their projects comes to life. 

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