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Taking your tastebuds on a tour far and wide:Dushyant Singh’s delectable endeavours

Taking your tastebuds on a tour far and wide:Dushyant Singh’s delectable endeavours

Dushyant Singh

Everywhere around the world, food is an essential ingredient that binds people together. Each and every country offer a unique culinary experience that speaks of their tradition and their culture. There are times when you would like to be present in different countries all at once. And what better way to do it than through food? With a handful of restaurants serving global cuisines, there are only a few who keep intact the authentic flavours. Treading the path of extraordinary, Dushyant Singh‘s ventures are here to bring the global flavours in their truest sense to your plates. 

For the times when food is bae, read on to know more about Dushyant’s delicious enterprises. 

Laying out the gastronomic path

An alumnus of St. Xaviers’ School, Jaipur, Dushyant finished his graduation from Amity University, Noida. To hone his business skills, he went to IBS Ahmedabad to get his MBA. He worked in Turkey for a year where he was enchanted with the cafe and pub culture of Europe. With a change in his career plans, he chose to come back with a plan to offer an unparalleled culinary experience to the people of Jaipur. 

On returning to the homeland, he opened his first restaurant, ‘Replay’ in 2010 along with his friend. Then came ”, in 2013. With the opening of his bistro, he brought in the breakfast culture to Jaipur. Cooking up like Italian, Mexican, Lebanese fare and more, the bistro also became the first one in Jaipur to house cuisines from all over the world. ‘On The House’ was also the first restaurant to hold a demo of a robot server. It was carried out just to give a taste of technology with gastronomy to the customers. It also happens to be the place where you can get your cup of perfectly brewed joe. 

To get food as an experience to more people, he started with his catering company ‘All Spice’ in 2014. The catering company aims to give a surreal gastronomic experience at corporate events, destination weddings and other events by incorporating attention to detail and including chefs with varied expertise. They even plate up vegan and gluten-free delicacies on request. 

Catering to the gourmands and for people who want to try something new, Digvijay started the first of its kind food festival in Jaipur. In 2017, he came up with ‘Gourmet Getaway’. It is his way of giving the people of Jaipur an unforgettable culinary experience. The festival had chefs from countries like Turkey, Denmark, Italy, Afghanistan and so on. The second season took place in January 2018 and the third season is going to roll out in October 2019. 

To excite all the foodies, Digvijay is all set to open another restaurant called ‘Rustic‘, in the coming months. The restaurant will be serving home-style cooked food from around the world. 

Taking the inspiration ahead

Digvijay is well-known for bringing in nouveau concepts to the city and each of his endeavours has very well delivered. His ventures have all been inspired by his travels. Being an avid traveller and a foodie by heart, Digvijay has brought in the essence of it all back to the country. 

When youngsters travel these days, they want to experience the very same thing when they get back home. Digvijay aims to cater to these very culinary whims. 

 All of his plans have never been vague but more like pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly. He plans to take all his businesses ahead parallelly and expand them to other cities as well. He says, “The love for food and your love to serve people is enough to get you in the hospitality business”. 

If you are a foodie who is always on a lookout for something new then his pages on Instagram and Facebook is where you should be headed.

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