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Wear history on your sleeve: Thanks to Divya and Shivangani’s Kesya

Wear history on your sleeve: Thanks to Divya and Shivangani’s Kesya

In a world full of ordinary buttons, you would want yours to be from Kesya. Amping up the saturated men’s accessory industry, Kesya comes across as a brand that has its aesthetics royally right. Who ever thought buttons could hold meanings that are deep-rooted in the pages of history? Well, Divya Shekhawat and Shivangani Singh will change your way you see mere buttons and cufflinks.

Adding regality to accessories, read on to know more about this one-of-a-kind venture.

Crafting Kesya
Vivacious and young, Divya and her friend Shivangi together set out on a journey to amp up the men’s accessory industry. Divya’s degree in Fashion Management from Istituto Marangoni, London and her experience in Marketing and PR (working for brands like The Communication Council and Kama Ayurveda) perfectly complements Shivangi’s degree in Communication Design from ILM along with her experience of working alongside Vivek Sahni for about five years.
The birth of the brand was much more than mere fate. When these two friends reconnected, they bonded over their mutual love for Rajasthan. As they say, there is nothing like reminiscing about one’s native land to spark a connection. This is when the idea for Kesya was first kindled.

Kesya: The becoming
Divya and Shivangi brought together their passion and expertise in their respective fields and launched ‘Kesya’ in 2015. The word Kesya comes from the Rajasthani word ‘Kesariya‘ meaning saffron. The brand brings the dying art form of enameling to the forefront with heavy influences from the rich Rajasthani culture, history and heritage by incorporating them into buttons and cuff links. Kesya accomplishes this with a range of accessories for men and women, with a special focus on men’s accessories.
Both the girls decided to target the gap in the personalized gifting for men. On launching Kesya, they aimed to offer a premium accessory range that has something for every man. Each piece is made with an aim to revitalize interest in the traditional artistry and craftsmanship. They are made by local artisans using high-quality sterling silver, gorgeous semi-precious stones embedded with age-old techniques such as enameling, hand-painting and carving. Their pieces are diverse, and entrenched with history, either in the design or in the way they are created.

The pieces are all inspired by erstwhile Rajasthani royalty, the rich Rajasthani landscape, old colonial hunting scenes, old palaces, forts, textiles, motifs at palaces and frescos, illustrations of game birds and animals in hunting scenes, enameled jewelry, arms, artifacts and art. Their pieces blend nostalgic family stories and family heirlooms with contemporary designs. Kesya creates pieces that fuse modernity, tradition and history through design. There is no lack of inspiration in Rajasthan, and Kesya embodies as much of it as it can.




Keeping Up With Kesya

Embarking on a journey that creates something new and innovative is never without difficulties. Kesya faced many challenges, one of which was streamlining its production line. The making of these unique products was exceedingly time consuming and labor-intensive as each piece needs to be heated in a kiln multiple times for the enamel to set, often also resulting in great wastage.
Kesya also faced plagiarism, an occupational hazard in many industries, which they realized was inevitable and inescapable. Divya and Shivangi decided to take it in their stride, knowing that it would only help them revise their mistakes, and help them step out of their comfort zone to innovate and think out-of-the-box.

Coming Next For Kesya

Now a thriving and a respected name in the industry, Kesya has grand plans for the future. They had primarily catered to men’s accessories as it gave them an edge over other brands which cater to women. This helped Kesya establish itself in the market. Since last year, Kesya has set out to take on women’s jewelry and accessories as well. With their unwavering sense of rich aesthetics, Kesya surely adds charm whenever it is adorned.

In the future, they want to start working with precious metals and stones. They also plan to grow their exports and are working on product lines which would also appeal to an international consumer base.

With a lot to look forward to and a lot of aesthetics created by them to savour, Kesya stands apart in terms of concept and quality. To get your hands on some of their beauties or to view a sight, you can head over to their pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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