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Strong core and more- Disha Thahryamal on a fitness spree

Strong core and more- Disha Thahryamal on a fitness spree

Disha Thahryamal

We have a secret to getting you in the best shape of your life.  Wondering how? Then it’s time to head to The Pilates Studio. B-town’s much-loved workout is now ready to get Jaipur toned and fit. “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” is a quote by Joseph Pilates that now echoes in the pink city. All thanks to Disha Thahryamal for pioneering the Pilates programme in the city. 

From being a national level squash champion to helping people lead healthy lives, Disha has excelled in it and how. Read on to know more about this ace fitness freak. 

Fit Beginnings

Disha started playing squash at the tender age of eight. She went to Mayo College School, Ajmer soon after but continued playing squash. Her talent and her natural flair for the sport took her to the national level, which she was a part of every year. She ranked number two in the under fifteen category at the national level. Owing to her excellence in the sport, she received a scholarship to the Drexel University in the USA where she studied business administration and played for Division 1 Varsity team. 

To expand her horizons, she moved to Dubai after graduating for a year to work in advertising. That is where she tried Pilates for the first time along with boxing, hot yoga, etc. Even after trying her hand at a bunch of workouts, Pilates happened to stay. 

The Pilates Studio- A Journey

The advertising job didn’t seem to strike a chord of interest for Disha. While trying her hand at different workouts and regimes in Dubai, the movements and the flow allured her to such an extent that she decided to move back to Jaipur and start her own studio. Sports and fitness she felt was her true calling right from the very beginning. Her best moments she recollects are from the times she was on the field, a track or at the studio. 

She felt Jaipur could benefit from this workout and could use a space designed and equipped to teach it. To make the dream turn into a reality, she got in touch with Namrata Purohit, the celebrity Pilates instructor. They hit a partnership to open the first ‘Pilates Studio’ franchise in Jaipur in August 2018. And so the journey begun! The facility now also offers a space for cardio. 

Gliding through the Pilates burn

The studio, being the first of its kind in Rajasthan flung a few challenges her way. It was difficult to educate people about Pilates and its benefits. It also proved difficult to get people to break their former workout habits. 

But due to her diligence and her commitment to getting Pilates across to many, people who have consistently trained with her have seen a massive shift in their form and physique. With a lot of people resorting to Pilates, many are shifting the way they perceive the regime. 

Vision, envision

The ladder to be perfect is up above and Disha wants to get there. To make it happen, she wants to learn and add new forms of workouts and take the studio to a whole another level. She is also open to partner and conduct workshops with different people who are pros in their respective fields. 

Personally, she wants to take up a course on nutrition this year. So along with training people, she can also provide effective diet and nutrition plans to help them reach their fitness goals. After opening her first studio, she also aims to keep trying, training and introduce different forms of workouts to people in other cities as well. Learning yoga is also on the agenda. 

 As Joseph Pilates truly said, “A person is as young as their spinal cord”, for all those who are looking forward to staying fit and are open to the world of Pilates head over to her page on Facebook and Instagram to know all that goes on in the studio. You can even contact her on +91 95710 61607 . 

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