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Changing Jaipur’s Energy: Rosado’s Gem Therapy

Changing Jaipur’s Energy: Rosado’s Gem Therapy

The crystals we are drawn to are, more often than not, the crystals we need for growth or healing. No one can attest to this better than Sonali and Binal, the founders of Rosado. Carrying on a legacy that stretches back 150 years, Rosado creates jewellery and home decor pieces only using natural and semi-precious gems. These gems are specially handpicked by the founders keeping in mind the gems’ inherent healing energies. Read on to know more about this brand that is on its way to spread positive vibes far and wide. 

Rosado Rising

Bring brought up in a family that has been in the emerald business for six generations, the world of jewellery was always close to Sonali’s heart. With a background in business, she went to Italy to study Luxury Brand Management. Binal, Sonali’s sister-in-law, has done PR and Advertising from Mumbai and Harvard University. Together, they joined forces to form Rosado in 2016, determined to bring the beauty and the healing of gem therapy to the masses.

Rosado’s core philosophy lies in its founders’ fascination with gemstones and their unwavering belief in them. Sonali and Binal believe ‘energy is the new religion’, with more and more people having a strong faith in vibes and auras. They believe gems are born out of the earth with a specific purpose to serve. Each stone has its own unique, mystical energy, which can not only be immensely therapeutic, but also energy-changing and aura-cleansing. Sonali and Binal decided to create jewellery and everyday home decor products with gemstones, so people could have access to this wonderful energy in an easy, fuss-free manner.

Sparks of Inspiration

Sonali, one of the founders, cites her father as being her biggest inspiration that drives her. As someone who lived and breathed emeralds, his focus was not just to sell, but to truly know his product inside out. He is truly passionate about what he does, something that drives Sonali each day to do better and dream bigger.

A professional inspiration that lies close to the heart of Rosado is Gabrielle Chanel. Her story inspires one to take bold moves in design and break conventional patterns. Most important of all, to believe in one’e work before everyone else starts to; Rosado believes it can make one unstoppable.

Rising to the Challenge

As a brand started by two young women, no one expected the Rosado’s journey to be smooth sailing. For one, they were trying to make in an industry predominantly run by men, and additionally, this industry is notorious for being very traditional. Sonali and Binal were constantly asked, “Where is sir?” whenever they tried to negotiate with industry vendors. But their archaic perspectives slowly changed when Rosado started coming in with big orders. 

Another battle Rosado constant fights is trying to make sure that every single gemstone that they use is 100% ethically sourced. They believe in fair treatment of labour, and finding ethical vendors was a challenge for the brand in their early days.

Rosado in the Future

With such positive core beliefs, it is no wonder that Rosado has grand plans for their future. They plan to develop their home decor line, trying to build products that incorporate gemstones in such a way that they are easy to keep around. They want the energies easily absorbed, without one having to go out of their way. Rosado hopes to be in as many homes as possible, spreading good vibes and bringing healing energies to people’s lives with their beautiful products. Check out their Instagram and Facebook to explore their product lines!

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