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A business mastermind at work- Saachi Thahryamal’s enterprising spirit

A business mastermind at work- Saachi Thahryamal’s enterprising spirit

Saachi Thahryama

With women smashing barriers in different fields, there are none left that women haven’t conquered. Even in the male-dominated arena of business and marketing, women haven’t failed to show their wit and industrious nature. A woman becomes unstoppable once she sets on to do something. She leaves no stones unturned to achieve it all. Saachi Thahryamal is one such example defining a dynamic spirit. 

From taking care of marketing and PR to organizing events for Tree House Resort Jaipur, Saachi has made a name for herself in the industry. Walking ahead towards success with a strong resolve, here’s a read about her entrepreneurial journey. 

More than just a dreamer

Possessing a knack for fashion and marketing, Saachi pursued a Fashion Retail Management from Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. On returning to India, she went on to study Image Consultancy from ICBI. There, she aced the event management module by scoring the highest in the same. 

After completing her education, she started managing marketing and PR for her mother’s fashion label for 2 years before she launched her own line under the name- Saachi Thahryamal. Her brand was quick to receive love and attention from the people. It wasn’t long before she supplied and put up her designs for display at luxury stores like Aza, Anantam, Citrine, Shagun and other boutiques in Thailand and USA. Her crowning glory although was her fashion show at India Runway Week in 2016 which turned out to be a huge success. 

While managing her own label, she found her new love for PR, events and marketing. That’s when she decided to give the resort a try. To give it her all to the resort, she decided to pause on the work for her label. Fashion yet remains her first love. At Treehouse Resort, she took on the responsibilities of marketing and PR. Staying true to her role, she curates niche events and experiential dinner experiences for the guests to indulge in. Along with it, she also creates media strategies and engagement maps under the guidance of Mr. Uttam Thahryamal and Mr. Sunil Mehta who are the directors of Treehouse Resort. 

No mountains too high

The everyday struggles she faced in her new initiative could not deter her from reaching heights. She would turn them into part and parcel of her day and kept moving forward. Initially, it was a task to determine the work-life balance, but with time everything fell into place. Her parents were a constant inspiration. Their incessant work and effort inspired her to never give up. Free-spirited by nature, Saachi likes being independent and take her own decisions. 

Slingshotting to the future

Saachi being a visionary has a few goals for herself. To keep the love for fashion alive, she wants to do seminars and help startups with her expertise.  She also looks forward to opening her own consultancy catering to hospitality and fashion. 

Keeping in mind her current responsibilities at the resort she wants to highlight the property and highlight it in the Indian hotel industry. Other than that she wants to bring new experiences like floating breakfast, cocktail and cooking classes, nature walks, unique dining experiences and much more for the people to enjoy. 

Living on her own terms, Saachi is truly a bosswoman! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to follow her through her journey.

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